NASA Aurora Borealis

Discussion in 'Iceland' started by VacationBuddy, Jan 6, 2014.

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    if you've ever wanted to see the northern lights, I'd do it this year in Iceland if you can. NASA says that Lake Myvatn in Iceland is going to be the place to see the most spectacular Aurora Borealis display of the next decade. This lake is located not far from the Kafla volcanoe. See this map of Iceland volcanoes
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    The northern lights are so amazing! I've seen as far south as Illinois when I was a kid and they were amazing! I know that places in northern Canada also are expected to see heighten activity, especially around the The Yukon. Alaska and northern Manitoba should be hotspots too.
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    Lake Myvatn day tour

    I've actually been Lake Myvatn as a day tour from Reyjavik and this place is beautiful and has unique birdlife and all kinds of species of duck. In fact, i was told almost most all birds nest around this wonder thy'd choose such a beautiful place;)

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