Nassau Bahamas condominium rentals

Discussion in 'Bahamas' started by mitraveler, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    Does anyone have experience with Nassau Bahamas condominium rentals? What would you recommend? Where have you stayed? I would guess that many of the condo rentals are right on the beach, but they probably cost a lot more. Or do they in Nassau?
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    nassau condominium rentals

    if you want to rent a house in nassau, my advice would be to check with a quality real estate company in Nassau to help you rent (i.e.bahamas realty). You can also get a look at prices and even pictures of potential rental houses before you call.
  3. GearsatWar2

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    Nassau Bahamas condo rentals

    there are plenty of condo rentals available on the beach that you can rent..two of these are the the Sunrise Beach Club (closer to downtown Nassau) and Paradise Island Beach Club (a bit further away. There are other places as well of course, you just gotta do more research.
  4. joseph

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    I think Nassau Bahamas Condominium is the perfect spot to stay and enjoy the vacations in the Bahamas. It is easy to affordable and provides luxury feature which you never feel before. It contains all varieties condo according to tourist satisfaction.

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