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    we're planning a walking tour of the Queens Staircase and the other historical sites..also, how do you reach the Nassau Queens Staircase?
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    hi there,

    The Nassau Queens Staircase provides access to historical sites such as the: Gregory Arch, St. Andrew's Kirk, the Government House, Prospect Ridge, Straw Market, the Christ Church Cathedral, the Vendue House, and the old Graycliff hotel.

    To reach the Queen's Staircase and these historical sites, you'll want to start in New Providence, in Rawson Square. This way, you can also see some of the old town.

    If you do start in Rawson Square and make your way to the stairs, through the sites, and back to the square, you should expect to spend about 2 hours, depending on how quickly you walk, roundtrip.

    Also, weekends are the busiest times for touring these locations, so if you are hoping to escape the crowds, you will want to take your tour during the week.

    Hope this helps

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