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    Formerly a watch tower (Ta Dzong), it became the Museum in 1968. It is the main repository of Bhutanese history containing fine arts, paintings, bronzes, textiles, jewellery, and handicraft sections as well as galleries of stuffed animals and butterflies from Bhutan. The stamps’ hall is very popular and displays, among others, 3-D stamps, record stamps, silken stamps, embossed stamps and the famous triangular stamp depicting the yeti. The top floor of the Museum is a chapel containing a “tree” depicting the main figures of the four religious schools of Mahayana Buddhism.
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    The National Museum of Bhutan holds together a thousand years of history. It is located in an ancient wath tower. The museum holds collections of old coins, stamps, ancient weapons and Bhutanese art and artifacts. Cameras are not allowed insite the museum. Opening hours: 9 am – 4:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. It is closed on national holidays.

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