National Parks in Utah

Discussion in 'Utah' started by waqyum, May 27, 2009.

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    I have visited all of Utah’s red rock parks. They are all nice in a different way. Just last spring we visited Escalante State Park fo the first time.Another hidden treasure in this area is Kodachrome Basin State. It’s conceivably to visit all of the parks in a couple of days with the exception of Arches. Its not in the general area as Bryce, Zion, Capitol Reef, & Escalante .Visit the more touristy parks then drive towards one of the lesser known parks for the better value.
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    You definitely made Utah an exciting place to visit. I think visiting the state would quench my thirst for some relaxation time since I'm working very hard these days. I hope to visit the places you've mentioned and maybe I can, someday, tell my own Utah-experience.
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    I really suggest Capitol Reef National Park it is really amazing park. There are a lot of nice hiking trails and roads for 4D car.

    Regards, Tom
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    Capitol Reef National Park is really an awesome place to visit...i suggest you to visit one time and you will love to go there every time.
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    My friend is visiting Zion National Park on her honeymoon in two weeks. She visited in the summer when she was little, but she's thrilled about visiting in the fall. They're expecting a great color season this year.
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    best national park in Utah

    Zion National Park is my favorite of the national parks in Utah because of its fairytale-like landscape and because it offers some of the best day hikes to be found anywhere in the region. I've visited all of the National Parks and many of the wilderness areas in Utah and in my opinion Zion is the one place you absolutely should not miss on a trip to Utah.
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    Zion Park trails

    I second Zion Park...the best trails there are Angels Landing, which branches off of the West Rim Trail, and the Observation Point Trail. Then, you have the Rim Overlook trail in Capitol Reef which is tough circuit but you are rewarded by spectacular views.
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    It sounds nice in National Park in Utah! I want to go there!

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