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    The all stars of the National Basketball Association are already in town for this weekend's events at the Thomas & Mack Center (UNLV). There are so many events related to this that posting them here would be an enormous task.

    So, if you are INVEGAS for the weekend, you can see many of the OFFICIAL events at much of the fun is in the side events and parties...a good list is at

    My personal favorite "official" aspect of the event...YEA! MALLORY!...(go mavs!)

    Also, I have been inundated with emails for parties, so if you would like me to forward some of them to you, email me directly (vegased07 at and I can send them to you. With M.A.G.I.C. (fashion event) in town and the NBA this weekend, the partying INVEGAS this week is absolutely INSANE!

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    Cool video...

    I'm pumped (not by the vid...just for All-Star weekend in General)! Slam dunk contest on Sat! Go Nate Robinson!!
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    Ok, I added Mallory's video link in my first comment....she's my fav because that's my team brother!...However, if I am going to vote based on the dancers themselves, I will go with Katherine from the Heat..yowsa!!

    (boys will be boys)
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    I'd like to raz her about her comment "I growed up down here"
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    The funny thing is...I had my puter on mute and wasn't exactly "listening" to her...some things are best to judge strictly on looks and must have gotten the "are you listening to me" speech too many

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    Nate Robinson is the worst basketball player ever.

    Eddie, I think you need to hit up as many parties this weekend and get as many NBA players into as many precarious situations as possible. Pick a fight with Dikembe Mutombo. "Accidentally" spill your drink on Allen Iverson and then ask him what he's "gonna do about it." Flirt with Kobe Bryant's wife in full view of him. Beat up Nate Robinson after making fun of his stature and his lack of talent. Basically, be a one-man wrecking crew and get as many of the guys on the front page of Sunday's paper as possible. I want to watch the game on Sunday and hear the announcer say "due to some craziness last night involving many various NBA players and one suspicious man who wants to be known only as 'Vegas Ed', the Eastern squad will only be fielding 7 players and the Western squad have recruited a ballboy to fill out their five-man rotation."

    It's your duty as a Vegas-ite.
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    My vote is for Joe the Bear! The funniest post I've read in some time...

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