need help planning vacation in Curacao

Discussion in 'Curacao' started by dest247, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. dest247

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    im in the process of working a vacation to the Caribbean and Im almost 100% sure I want to go to Curacao. If you could help out answering some questions, I'd appreciate it.

    1)where are the best beaches located on the island and do you think is best to rent a villa or stay in a hotel? 2)what about carnival season, do they have one?
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    vacation in Curacao tips

    I personally think Curacao's best beaches are on the westside of the Island but you will need to hire a car (or take a taxi) to get there. Rental cars will cost you around $60 per day, which is worth it since it will allow you to move around freely. As far as choosing between a villa or hotel, it depends. I personally prefer the freedom of renting my own apartment...i'd hate being cooked in a hotel resort.

    Oh by the way, Carnival is typically in the 1st/2nd weeks of February...I think between Feb 8 and Feb 10th are the dates for Curacao's 2013 carnival.
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    It's hard to find a bad beach in Curaco....check out this article about Curaco beaches for details about each one.

    As for car rental, you don't have to rent a car for the whole time you're there. You could rent it for a day or two and not pay for days you're just lounging at the beach.
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    visiting Curacao

    Curacao is an excellent choice because the island is so laid back and the people are so easy going (which is a trademark of the Caribbean). I love taking my family to Curacao every year or so as it's great for families, couples, etc. You can visit ostrich farms and caves and do lots of diving, swim with the dolphins and eat great food.

    My best tip is not to worry too much about planning....Curaco is fairly small and all you gotta do is ask the locals or the hotel concierge where to go and the best places to dine out. Hope that helps;)

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