Need to get Bolivia Currency in La Paz

Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by DavieBrown, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. DavieBrown

    DavieBrown New Member

    Hi I'm travelling from Lima to La Paz in late Nov, and will be arriving La Paz very late at 21:30. Is there any money exchange place that will open during that time. I don't think any place will be open that time, but I need some Boliviano cash to pay taxi & food. Please help.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    The currency of Bolivia, and there are plenty of reliable money exchange places available in La Paz. Also, there are ATMs in the airport terminal, and if your card is an international usage card, then you can draw money by using it. A currency exchange place is also open during all fight times. So it's not a problem for you to exchange your currency and use for your car rental & food.

    ATM cards & credit cards are widely accepted in many shopping areas of Bolivia, so I think it may not be a problem for you to travel around La Paz. Have a nice trip.

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