need travel tips for visiting Tikal

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    I need some travel tips for visiting Tikal. Which is the economically optimal way to reach, Air or land transport? How much is the cost from Guatemal to Tikal? Also looking for 2 or 3 star hotel for 2 nights. I have no problem with the language, I speak spanish. Please help.
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    Tikal is among the world's travel wonders, many calling Tikal one of the most spiritually powerful spots on earth. The monumental site with its towering pyramids looms out of the thick jungle canopy like stoic sentinels of ancient mysteries. If you click on this link you can check the best flight and price Flights To Guatemala. For hotels you can click here Tikal Hotels and this ones will give you information about Transportation and Tings to do.
    Tikal is to 63 kilometres of Flores, Petén, Guatemala. When being in Flores is easy to find the tourist services for your trip to Tikal. It is also easy to get to Tikal from another region of the country, the travel agents, provide packages to carry out the connection with Tikal.
    Tikal tours is another link to check for the best information. Buses and daily flights from Guatemala City and other Latin American cities, such as San Jose, Costa Rica and Cancún, Mexico transport visitors to nearby Flores, where the adventure begins.From Flores, the Tikal National Park is just a short shuttle bus trip away. There are various the prices check ADN Or check
    Linea Dorada.
    If you can sleep on a bus or plane, overnight is better. My gut feeling is that ADN is probably better. The scenery along that way is much more interesting and transport will cost less, partly because there are no luxury buses.
    I hope you have a really good time, I`m sure you will! Take good care.

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