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Discussion in 'Nepal' started by adrift, May 6, 2012.

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    I am from Nepal and have never been to Bhutan. This setp, (2012) I am going to participate in Thimphu Tshechu festival (25 - 27) but I have very few knowledge about these short of festivals especially out of Nepal. I will be accompanied by may English friend. First we go around Chitwan and Pokahra and then finally fly to Paro, Bhutan. We have whole day for festival on 25th and then we go further touring Bhutan.
    Is the 25th Sept. main day for the festival. Any ideas and information would be highly appreciated.
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    Did you get a chance to visit Bhutan? Did you have the chance to see the country tucked into the Himalayan Mountains? Bhutan is probably best known for its trekking vacations, but there are other things to do there.
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    I have been there and I can tell you that it took a lot of effort to get there, but it was well worth my while because the cultural experience was superb. I didn't visit Bhutan for trekking but to experience the culture and the people, and to explore Bhutan’s bizarre phallic paintings found on the walls of rural houses. What a place!
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    Thimphu Tsechu festival dates

    Thimphu Tsechu is an amazing festival and the largest of all Bhutanese festivals. It re-enacts the teachings of Guru Rinpoche, the 8th century spiritual master, through mask dances and is attended by thousands of local people. This year the festival runs between Sep 14 and Sep 16 2013.
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    Best part about Bhutan is that, it is very green, you will breath the cleanest air in entire south Asia. Moreover it is peaceful and stable.

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