Nepalese food is big in NYC now

Discussion in 'Nepal' started by mitraveler, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    Did you know you can get Nepalese food in Queens, New York now? I talked to Jeff Orlick who leads Jeffery Tastes Tours in Queens when I was working on an article...and he was really super excited about the Nepalese food. It's the latest big thing in the borough where food is really diverse. He said it was reminiscent of Asian food but was really lighter in tastes. Have you had the chance to try a taste of Nepal dining] in the New World?
  2. icansee34

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    The states have about every corner of the world at their doorstep....not surprised to hear about a Nepalese restaurant in NYC. In fact, taking a closer read it looks as if lots of Nepalese immigrants are flocking to the Queens borough (out of all places)...strange don't you think?
  3. everybodyfee

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    it isn't just Queens..there are lots of Nepalese people all across the US. you'll find many restaurants as far south as California and even in Minnesota. I can't vouch for all Nepalese restaurants but the one in San Francisco (Taste Of The Himalayas) offers pretty authentic food.

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