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  1. 4htdf

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    hey people!

    Can you please share or suggest some of the Netherlands Major Events?your help is appreciated as we're deciding when to plan our holiday
  2. VacationBuddy

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    hello there,

    Some of The Netherlands major events and specific Amsterdam events are as follows:

    Cannabis Cup

    The Cannabis Cup happens each November in Amsterdam. All attendees are cannabis judges, and travel from booth to booth sampling cannabis and choosing their favorite.

    Film Festival Rotterdam

    More than 300 indie films are screened at theaters around town during this great festival, which happens each year in January and February.

    Liberation Day

    This is one of the biggest Amsterdam events during the year. Liberation Day commemorates the end of World War II and Holland"s liberation from Nazi occupation, and is celebrated in May.

    Sinterklaas Arrives

    St. Nicholas visits children in The Netherlands in late November, handing out candy in the streets with his black-clothed helpers. This is followed somewhat closely by St. Nicholas"s Eve, which is on December 5th.

    Hope this helps
  3. Talia Stone

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    Film Festival Rotterdam and Cannabis Cup both are my favourite

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