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    If you plan to use train travel while in the Netherlands there are three rail passes you can purchase. If you plan to travel within the "Benelux" region buy the Benelux Eurail pass. To travel between Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne or Paris, get the Benelux–France Eurail pass. If you only plan to travel in Benelux between Amsterdam and the German border at Emmerich, get the Benelux–Germany Eurail pass.
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    Netherlands train travel

    One thing I would note about train travel in Netherlands is that all trains aren't the same. they have fast trains like the ICE, IC and Intercity trains which link larger cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht; as well as Sprinter trains (much slower) which connect regional Dutch cities. There are also night trains like the City Night Line (CNL) and Euronight (EN).
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    The thing about domestic rail fares in Netherlands is that they do not get cheaper if buying in advance. Also,on some special train services like ICE International Intercity Direct you require to pay a compulsory supplement on top of your standard fare. This is usually less than €3.

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