New Airline Skybus doesn't allow food onboard.

Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by d360, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. d360

    d360 Administrator

    I for one won't be flying on this new airline. Thats one of the only things too precious to me is a good sandwich. Well unless its a short flight :)

    Skybus Airlines promises at least 10 seats on every flight priced at $10 one-way — before taxes.

    "If it sounds like People Express and Laker Airways — low-price carriers that made a splash, expanded too fast and then collapsed — there are similarities," said the Times.

    But the organizers of Skybus are counting on the $160 million cushion that they have raised and on a big change in consumer behavior to help the carrier follow the success of Ryanair, the Irish airliner that the growth of low-cost, no frills service.

    Like Ryanair, Skybus, based in Columbus, Ohio, is charging extra for many items — $5 to check a bag, $10 for a preferred seat, $2 for a soft drink.

    Carrying food on board? Not allowed, according to Skybus's Web site, "unless you brought enough for the whole plane."

    The airline will sell tickets only through its Web site, avoiding the expense of maintaining a reservations call center or paying a sales commission to travel agents. Skybus is also outsourcing its maintenance, the staffing of ticket counters at airports and its baggage handling -- all to keep costs low.

    "Don't call us," the Web site explains. "We don't have a phone number."

    Skybus's success will depend heavily on the overall health of the air travel market. As the market grows, there is room for many approaches, so long as they are well managed, concluded the Times.

    Skybus's top walk-up fare will be $330 one way, before taxes. But it has many very low fares — $40, $50, $75 — one way, before taxes.

    Initially, Skybus will connect Columbus to Burbank, Calif., near Los Angeles; Portsmouth, N.H., near Boston; Bellingham, Wash., near Seattle; Kansas City, Mo.; Richmond, Va.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and Greensboro, N.C. In June, flights are planned to Oakland, Calif.
  2. Conti

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    I don't think it's right not to allow food to be brought onto the plane. I wouldn't fly this airline.
  3. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Wow...this is one wierd airline!

    They charge you per baggage you check in! You really pay for what you want...down to your blanket and pillow. I don't think I'd be down with the set of rules they've got with flying with them. I also enjoy my own foods I bring onboard.
  4. rimu1

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    They fill a niche but as they won't interline bags are of questionable use to anyone who has to connect and basically you get what you pay for or do you. laker and the others were full service compared to this puppy.
  5. meddy23

    meddy23 New Member

    You really can't complain much if you really do only have to pay $10...just eat before your flight leaves.

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