New hotels in Jamaica

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by mitraveler, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

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    Many new resorts are bulking up the tourism infrastructure in Port Antonio (Dinsey's port of call in Jamaica).
    The Trident Hotel is debuting in 2013 and will bring oceanfront villas to Port Antonio. The Trident Castle has been transformed into a luxury hotel, and the Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Villas is opening later this year.

    You'll also see some new all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Karmisa is expanding its collection, and is transforming the former Sandals in Negril Beach into one of its resorts.
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    Geez, I dont think Jamaica needs more hotels being built..they just need to make the ones already there like Jamaica Inn, The Caves, Secrets, Strawberry, etc better equipped that's all.

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