New Maine to Nova Scotia Ferry

Discussion in 'Maine' started by hotfazz, May 20, 2014.

  1. hotfazz

    hotfazz New Member

    The Nova Star ferry is already servicing Maine and Nova Scotia from Portland (Maine) to Yarmouth (Nova Scotia). The ferry ride takes nearly 12 hrs and it's scheduled to run seven days a week until November 2 2014. The Nova Star ferry includes a casino, retail store, spa and fine dining.
  2. Oliver-benji

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    Not sure how long this ferry service will last....Nova Scotians are paying something like $20 million a year to have this service running, yet Portland companies have scored much of the business (food and dry cleaning contracts) with the new ferry service.
  3. venAqui

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    It sounds like a scam to on earth a ferry service that is supposed to benefit both countries ends up being financed by one side while the other side rips the benefits.

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