New museum in Antwerp

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by mitraveler, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. mitraveler

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    I just had a nice visit with my friend from Belgium and I asked here what would be cool to go visit in Belgium. She mentioned that her parents just visited the new Antwerp museum. Looking at the pictures, I can see why. It's truly amazing!

    It's called the MAS--Museum aan de Stroom (Stroom means river in Dutch)--and has some amazing views. Check out more about the museum here.
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    Museum aan de Stroom

    I was there last week and it is certainly worth a visit, if anything to see the striking building. As you mentioned the building is truly amazing and offers splendid views on Antwerp. Then there's the museum collection which brings together collections of 4 older museums on Antwerp, the harbour and Antwerp in the world. Also, not many people know this...entrance is free every last wednesday of the month.

  3. mitraveler

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    Excellent! Thanks for sharing your advice. I didn't find much about the collection, so that was good to hear about!
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    MAS museum in Antwerp

    the MAS has become indeed one the most trendy museums in Belgium now

    in their first year they already had more than a million visitors !

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