New Orleans pedicabs

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by wanderer, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Get ready for a new way to see the city--without walking. Three separate companies have been licensed to operate pedicabs in the Big Easy. The cost is $5 for the six-block ride and then $1 per block after that. The companies are looking for cyclists and will start operations soon.
  2. telepopMuzic

    telepopMuzic New Member

    New Orleans pedicabs area reality

    it's good to hear the pedi-cabs are finally a reality after all this back and forth talk by the authorities saying pedicabs may not be safe. Can you believe it? all these delays and red tape because of simple pedi-cabs..Im surprised that there are still those who are interested in operating the pedi-cabs.
  3. Dapolitiu4

    Dapolitiu4 New Member

    New Orleans pedicabs are expensive

    i think the delays have been attributed to the cabbies who feared competition. don't know why the cab drivers worry too much since the pedi-cabs fares aren't competitive. It's way cheaper to take an air-conditioned cab if you think about it...2 people, 10 blocks, the tab is going to be $13 plus tip. i can take a cab from my house to the french quarter for that amount.
  4. JonahJones

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    Pedicabs are great!

    I think these Pedicabs are great! I think $5 per person for six french quarter blocks and $1 extra for each additional block isn't extortionate. I'm not sure though how they work fares outside the quarter where the blocks are significantly longer.
  5. Geronimo-Giancila

    Geronimo-Giancila New Member

    New Orleans pedicabs great for tourists

    I also think $5 isn't bad and they carry two passengers comfortably, and a third on the lap if it is a child. Not sure whether locals in NO will use them though. The pedicabs will certainly make the most business in the French Quarter, the Central Business District, the Marigny and the Warehouse District.
  6. Pagame

    Pagame New Member

    tipping isn't mandatory

    plus tip? what is it everyone feels the need to tip...we live in a such a crazy society where everybody wants a tip people for doing their job. Im so sick of this attitude that tips are are only supposed to tip when the person has earned it!
  7. SincereXX

    SincereXX New Member

    New Orleans pedicabs won't last a year

    Seriously, $5 for the six-block ride? seems outrageous! that means, two pwoplw going 10 blocks would cost $18 by my calculation for a 5 minute trip...goodness, gracious me.
  8. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    New Orleans one of my favorite places to visit. It's where I first learned about those scrumptious beignets. I like the pedicab transport option. What a cool way to see the city.
  9. shelovestowa

    shelovestowa New Member

    best beignets in New Orleans

    cool, i'l be visiting new orleans in a few weeks and im planning to use the pedicabs..i'll report back. by the way, vicolette: any ideas where to get the best beignets in New Orleans?
  10. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Absolutely! Cafe du Monde located on Decatur Street. Opened way back in the mid 1800s in the French Market. While you're there, pick up a package of beignet mix to take home. Enjoy!

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