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    what kind of day trips and tours can we expect to find in New Orleans and which ones would you suggest? also, can you tell us of any New Orleans day trips suitable for the kids?
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    hi there,

    Some of the popular New Orleans day trips take you out of the city where you'll be able to visit swamp and plantation tours.

    Having said this, you could combine a city coach tour with a riverboat cruise or a ride on an airboat in the Honey Island Swamp tour.

    Other New Orleans tours include the Cemetery tours, Oak Alley Plantation tour and Jazz Tours. If you want to take day trips in New Orleans, you can find several operators that offer multiple itineraries.

    If you are looking for New Orleans day trips for the kids, you can try the Mardi Gras world which features large props, like jester masks and huge alligators, as well as a Zoo, Aquarium and River cruise for kids.

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