New Venice cruise port

Discussion in 'Italy' started by krainey, Dec 13, 2011.

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    The lovely city of Venice is a popular destination on Mediterranean cruises, with more than 1 million tourists arriving here via cruise ship, but itineraries may change soon. Surrounded by water, Venice's foundation is vulnerable to the huge amounts of water the cruise ships displace, and environmentalists and residents of Venice have said they're concerned about what damage the ships may be doing.

    The nearby city of Porto Marghera, in mainland Italy, is a possible choice for the new Venice cruise port. Things aren't settled yet, but if cruise ships are banned from Venice, passengers may have to visit the city and its major attractions, like the piazza and the Basilica di San Marco, as shore excursions from a ship docking nearby on the Italian coast.
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    Cruises to Italy are a really popular to explore this beautiful country, so it make sense they're expanding the cruise port. Krainey, did you hear of a possible date when this would open?
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    cruise ships banned from Venice

    I was wondering when cruise ships were going to be finally banned from passing through Venice..people need to understand how Venice lies in really precarious foundations. Like Krainey mentioned, cruise ships sailing out of Venice could instead go from Porto Marghera, located on the mainland not far from Venice.
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    cruising Venice

    I can see why people in Venice would want restrictions of cruise ships to control the volume of traffic that flows through it. They want to protect Venice infrastructure from being damaged which is understandable and even more so due to the uniqueness of Venice. anyone looking to cruise Venice should do it sooner rather than later because sailing in and out of Venice is an amazing experience.
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    That's always a delicate balance in do you give access to lots of people yet preserve the site for the future?
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    I read this news on the paper, and I saw a show recently where they showed in detail the damage being done by the cruise ships undertow...I know it's sad if they ban cruises from Venice but if you know the damage the cause you would be also astonished how much damage had been done in the past decade alone by ships.

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