New visitors center in Florence

Discussion in 'Alabama' started by wanderer, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. wanderer

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    Alabama has a new way to go to the stars without leaving Terra Firma. The Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Office and Visitor Center opened in June, and it's packed with exhibits. The design was inspired by the work of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright, whose actual work can been in the nearby Rosenbaum house. There's exhibits about the area's legendary music heritage and Florence history.
  2. tandoori56

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    About time they have it up and was in the works for nearly seven years. I hope it's worth it too because they spent a whopping $2 millions building it. I will be taking some friends from out of state there to show them what your area is really about.
  3. Huior-Chang

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    if you have never been in a Usonian home, the Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum house is a perfect example. The tour cost $8 and you can take all the photographs you want, and walk around everywhere. It is incredibly generous of Mrs. Rosenbaum to donate the house, while the City of Florence did a superb job of renovating it.

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