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Discussion in 'New York' started by sarah, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. sarah

    sarah New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Im visiting new york again, and im going to visit all the usual tourist places, such as the empire state, the statue of liberty, and of course Macy's!

    Are there any other places anyone would recommend?


  2. ryder

    ryder New Member

    Be like Michael Scott, ditch all the "touristy" places and visit...Times Square!

    F'real though, when are you going? That will either open up a lot of suggestions or close out a few.
  3. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Yeah! Times Square! I would *love* to be at the Virgin Records' Store on a Tuesday. Who knows...maybe the artist will drop by!
  4. Bobbie

    Bobbie New Member

    I'm new to the site but saw ya'll talking about New York trips. My husband and I are wanting to visit New York in June for our 20th anniv. we have never been there but it's always been my dream vacation. The only problem we have no clue where to stay. We would like to be able to see all the popular sites but I really want to visit Rockefeller Center and Times Square. I would also love to see Saturday Night Live ! and see the City etc..also a romantic dinner somewhere since it is for our 20th !!

    I'm open to any suggestions

  5. everyann

    everyann Guest

    What kind of budget do you have? Some of the hotels in the area can get to be about 200-300 a night....or more.
  6. world trecker

    world trecker New Member

    Also what type of food do you especially enjoy (or especially NOT enjoy)? That might help narrow down some suggestions since finding a good place to eat in NY is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you like Italian, I suggest Esca, which is in the theater district, IIRC. Matched some of the better stuff I've had in Italy.
  7. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    You can't beat a dinner on the streets in Little Italy (Mulberry) in the room for a canoli or some pastries at Ferrara's too....mmm

  8. Mallery

    Mallery New Member

    When we go to the city we love to take the ferry to the south street seaport (Pier 11), check out the street entertainment there and have a bite at an outdoor cafe, then walk up to Ground Zero. Then we like to putz around Greenwich Village or Chinatown.

    If you go in the summer, here is another idea. On a really hot day maybe you would want to get out of Manhattan for a few hours and go to the beach. You can take a ferry to Sandy Hook, NJ (35 minutes) right to the beach, and there is even a water taxi to take you to a few waterfront seafood restaurants right there. And on the ferry ride, you get a great view of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Then you can spend the evening in New York when it has cooled down.

    This website has alot of information:
  9. StrussersLimo

    StrussersLimo New Member

    My company offers 3 to 5 hours tours of New York City, airport transporation, and all other occasions imaginable.

    Famous sites on the tour include:
    -Central Park
    -China Town / Little Italy
    -Chrysler Building
    -Empire State Building
    -Greenwich Village
    -Ground Zero
    -South Street Seaport
    -Statue of Liberty
    -Times Square
    -United Nations

    Please visit our website. We hope you consider our company to help make your trip to New York City memorable!
  10. Conti

    Conti New Member

    This is an excellent list. I've seen most of these items and will finish up the list the next time I go.
  11. Chikurin

    Chikurin New Member

    Central Park is my favorite
  12. mysharonany

    mysharonany New Member

    Such a loaded question. It really does all depend on what you like to do.

    Are you a museum person (then hit The Met, Museum of Natural History etc.)

    Do you like theater (then hit TKTS in Times Square or downtown to save money on Broadway show tickets).

    Are you a sport fan? Hit Shea Stadium for a Mets game.

    A Foodie . . .now this is where I can help.

    My favorite in all of NYC is Village Restaurant on 9th Street off of 6th Avenue (be sure to check out their site). It is great for anything (my first date with my husband, that is where he proposed, we had our engagement party, most every anniversary since, went there in my wedding dress after my wedding, my 40th birthday party . . .the food is that good). French Bistro with a twist.

    There is also Babbo in the West Village. One of Mario Batali's restaurants. Pricey but worth every bit. Be sure to make a reservation as soon as possible (you might have to eat very early or very late).

    Another favorite is Samba-Le in the East Village (they don't have a site yet but check out review on Citysearch). It is a mix of Italian and Brazilian food. Great sangria, delicious apps and entrees and the owner Patrick is a doll (tell him that Sharyn and Mike say hello from Costa Rica!!)

    Really high end for special occasions, Bouley, Jean Georges, Gotham Bar & Grill, Union Square Cafe, Nobu. I can give you some more suggestions if I knew what you like.

    Regarding keeping yourself busy . . . I would just walk, walk and then walk til you can't walk anymore. Take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk around Central Park. Go up and down in and out . . .you never know what you will find when you turn a corner.

    Just enjoy.
  13. summerzhuling

    summerzhuling New Member

    I hope you have good time trip!
  14. efe1

    efe1 New Member

    you will enjoy visiting watchtower head office, ground zero former world trade centre, one of the federal university and the famous time square

    MICKEYGIRL New Member

    Hey! I've been to NY and you have to check out 42nd street of course! Also, you can find alot of really great museums for free! We also did tons of shopping, which you can never go wrong with! Hope you enjoy ur vacation!

    MICKEYGIRL New Member

    Ny Is Awesome!!!!!! I Stayed In The Heights... But Hung Out Mostly On 42nd And The Touristy Area. Astoria Was Cool!

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