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Discussion in 'Germany' started by BJ31600001, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. BJ31600001

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    I and a couple friends want to get a trip to Oktoberfest together for 2008. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on where to stay and how early we need to get hotel reservations and flights. Thanks
  2. ftuley

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    German Oktoberfest has evolved over the years into the largest festival in the world with over six million visitors visiting each year. It can be hard to find a hotel room in Munich during Oktoberfest in September or October, I would recommend booking in July/August, If you haven't booked by October it's still possible to find a room; sniff out hotels in nearby cities: Augsburg, Dachau, Freisling, and Erding are good bets. Take a look at this link Hotels in Munich and here you can find the prices of flights and book online Airlines to Germany.
    Have a good time!
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    Your best bet is contact a local travel agent who can find you the absolute best deals. Booking online may make you feel powerful, but I have had too many clients get to their destination only to find the hotel does not have their on-line reservation. also, a reputable, certified travel agent can find you the best airfare.
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    how much do you want to spend for your hotel? if you speak some german look for "pension muenchen" (hostel munich) or "hotel muenchen".

    book as early as possible!
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    we were also wanting to go down to the oktoberfest, but realised, that it is pretty difficult (unless you have a very large budget) to find something in or around Munich during the Oktoberfest. We finally went with an organised trip with the oktoberfest bus (, which was really good value. I recommend you take one of those. The is also Party travels from London with a trip to the octoberfest ( or festival travels ( But you have to check it out yourself. Normally the prices are unbeatable, specially considering that your going in a big group and lots of fun people!

    Good luck!
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    I realize this is quite a late reply, but it always helps to keep info updated in case someone is interested in going to Oktoberfest in Germany :) I would encourage travelers to know a little more about the destination and the celebration to fully enjoy the experience. Oktoberfest is more than just a beer fest of drinking and dancing, much more. It's a very important part of the culture, which began in 1810 with the marriage of Prince Ludwig; the festivities of the wedding ended with a series of horse races, a tradition continued annually thereafter as a Bavarian festival. Because this is a very popular festival, travel is peak with prices to match. If you're planning to travel for Oktoberfest 2011, your best bet would be to plan well in advance, where you will be staying, what you will be doing, and how you will be getting around.
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    Oktoberfest trip

    If you want to tent during Oktoberfest rather than staying in a hotel, I'd say that Munich’s Thalkirchen Camping Ground is one of the cheapest place to stay, but you should book right now since tent spots fill up quickly. also, most of the drinking is done in the big wooden halls, and you do have to reserve tables in advance to get any chance of getting a table. don't wait till the last minute and book through

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