NFL Super Bowl 50

Discussion in 'California' started by cakess, Feb 2, 2016.

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    NFL Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, 7 February at 23:30 at Levi's Stadium, which is located in Santa Clara, California. The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee’s “free-to-the-public fan village “ will be set up at the base of Market Street, near the waterfront, and will run through Feb. 7's Super Bowl Week. The centerpiece is the Fan Energy Zone, which will include the 40-foot-tall Fan Dome, which allows those interested to play interactive games as digital avatars displayed on giant screens.
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    Hi there....I am here right now in downtown San Francisco for many of the pre-game, Super Bowl events and can say that the weather is awesome, the venues perfect and a great overall experience (with the exception of all the lane closures around the city and the car traffic).

    Find a parking garage and keep your car there and either walk or taking any of the various forms of public transportation and you will enjoy your time much better.

    Be sure to see the giant Super Bowl 50 logo and when walking by or around the West Moscone Center near the NFL shop or Media Center, be sure to look for celebrities and sports figures.

    Have fun!
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    The Carolina Panthers fell to the Denver Broncos in their second Super Bowl. It sucks for Panthers fans around the nation, but such is life with football.
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    Denver won!! Hate to rub it in again! :p

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