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Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by siggy, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. siggy

    siggy New Member

    Can anyone recommend the nicest Nicaragua beaches for our Nov. trip? I am planning to combine my family vacation with my business trip to Managua and my kids like to have beach holidays. we're looking for less crowded beaches in Nicaragua with variety of activities to spend for 8 days. And I heard that the San Juan del Sur beach is very popular, how far is it from Managua? Hope someone will help us reg. this, thank you.
  2. ChariceTRW1

    ChariceTRW1 New Member

    Headed there on Saturday for a week. We are going to be based in Managua and would like to go to the beach one day. Our driver and translator are both suppose to know where we should go. So I will let you know............. in a week!
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    You can find all kinds of beaches in Nicaragua from white sand to dark sand. And some of the beaches are favored by tourists and some of them by surfers, the main beaches are La Flor, Montelimar, San Juan del Sur, La Boquita and Pochomil. I have visited San Juan del Sur & Montelimar, really both of them are fabulous beaches with lots of exciting activities.

    Montelimar is the biggest beach resort of Nicaragua and has stunning beaches. Montelimar Beach is the closest beach to Managua and just only one hour drive from Managua, so it's very accessible for you with your family. This beach offers numerous water sports to choose from including windsurfing, scuba diving and kayaking, so definitely your kids will have a nice time here.

    And the San Juan del Sur also has wonderful beaches and located 130 km South East of Managua. You can enjoy the activites such as surfing, fishing, diving, jet skiing and snorkeling in this beach. It is a little crowded beach as if offers variety of things to do.

    The other beaches La Flor and Las Penitas are quite far away from Managua but you can visit them as well. La Flor is popular for different types of sea turtles and Las Penitas is popular for its peaceful environment.

    So enjoy the opportunity to explore these stunning beaches and enjoy your Nicaragua vacation:).
  4. siggy

    siggy New Member

    Do we hire a car from Managua to San Juan del Sur, how much will it cost? thanks for your help.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Yes, comfortable car rental services are available from Managua to San Juan del Sur and costs you about US $50. The travel time take approximately 2.5 hours. Even you can go by bus and the cost is around $3-$5. So choose the transportation according to your budget :)
  6. siggy

    siggy New Member

    $50 seems quite cheap, i opt for Managua car rental, thanks Andrew. also the travel time is not that much long as well. even i can rent a car anywhere in Nicaragua, isn't it? very cheap car hire services, nice.

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