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Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by dlt, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. dlt

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    Is Nicaragua has it's own currency? if so what is it? my friend has plans to visit Leon Nicaragua, so he just wants to know? do they accept US dollars? can anyone help with it? thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    Yes dlt, Nicargua has it's own currency and it is Cordoba. Actually 1 US$ is equal to 19.18 cordobas.

    US$ is accepted in some of the Nicaragua hotels and restaurants. but your friend can get the local currency from the ATM's of Leon. but when you do shopping in Nicargua and if you are paying by US dollars make sure that you'll receive the balance in local currency. Even this too applicable during dining in restaurants. hope this helps! best of luck!
  3. ChariceTRW1

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    Yes true about currency. I suggest they take cash. Traveler's checks not widely accepted in Nicaragua and often a fee to use. We learned this lesson the hard way. We leave Saturday for our 8th trip to Nicaragua. It is a beautiful country.
    I believe there is a fee to use the ATMs. Most places take American money- but do give it back to you in cordobas.
    We also use our credit card while in Nicaragua- however, call your bank first and let them know you will be traveling- often it is flagged and frozen if you do not. They are afraid it is a scam.
    Hope this helps!
    Also tell them in the market never take first price or "advertised" price. They want you to purchase their merchandise- use cordobas or american money- often if cc are accepted there is a fee and no discounts..... so your better bargaining is done with cash sales.
  4. dlt

    dlt New Member

    thanks a lot for all your responses, my friend was very much confused on this subject, now he understands and really appreciate your help :)

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