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Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by AfonsoBMC, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. AfonsoBMC

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    I'm going to Nicarágua on august.
    i would like to know if the government recommends any vaccination, like malaria, typhoid fever for exemple?

  2. VacationBuddy

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    hi there,

    If you're going to be staying in rural areas or in the outskirts of Managua, it is recommended that you take Malaria tablets. It is also recommended that you vaccinate against:

    - Hepatitis A
    - Typhoid
    - Hepatitis B
    - Rabies

    Also, I would recommend to bring along an antibiotic and diarrhea tablets.

    Hope this helps
  3. mable

    mable New Member

    I travel there fairly regularly as my in-laws live in Managua. No special vaccinations are required. I've been to San Juan del Sur, Granada, Masaya and Montelimar without any issues. Lots of mosquitos, even in the city, so bring some repellant.

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