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  1. d360

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    Here's a couple snippets from a recent article I read on Las Vegas clubs costs. I never thought of $55 cover to weed out cheapos.

    Women pay $25 and men pay $55 just to get in, but pretty girls who out-dress the dress code are admitted for free. The door charge is mostly there to weed out people who won't spend on drinks, said nightlife baron Sean Christie, managing partner of another Wynn club, Surrender.

    Female bartenders, their long hair draped over sequined black corsets, serve $15 shots of Jack Daniels whiskey, coordinating their pouring to the skull-rattling bass and synthetic blares vibrating around them. A supermarket a few miles away sells a bottle of Jack containing 17 shots for $16.

    When newbies push through the swaying crowd to grab a table, they find that Vegas has monetized sitting, too. Patrons pay a $10,000 beverage minimum upfront to claim any of the dozen plush banquettes nearest the dance floor.
  2. Enyoying

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    In this economy, I am not surprised Vegas but $55 is way pushing it, I think. What I find interesting is how they say "pretty girls" go in for are they going to measure prettiness? I mean, what I may find pretty someone else may not, if you know what i mean...
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    This is a joke! Even If you can afford it, it's just a rip off after club cover charges and drinks. Charging upwards of $15 for one drink? Are you freaking kidding me?

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