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Discussion in 'South Africa' started by discveriworld, Aug 12, 2009.

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    hi, whats South Africa nightlife like and where are the best places to enjoy the music scene when going out..thanks for input!
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    hi there,

    The local music scene is thriving in Cape Town where you can experience a unique South African jazz style.
    There are a number of annual local music festivals in Cape Town and Johannesburg and open air concerts are held in botanical gardens over summer.

    Most restaurants and cafes double up as bars in the evening and some have large screen TVs to watch sport. There are a number of nightclubs that open until late and Cape Town has a thriving gay scene. The large hotels usually have live music, while the glitzy casinos not only have gaming floors but also entertainment such as bowling alleys, restaurants, and sometimes supper theaters for comedy and cabaret.

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