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    We'll be going to Chile for two weeks and we'll be hoping to do plenty of tours but also explore the nightlife in Chile. Where do you suggest to out and when the usual drinks last call?
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    Hi there,

    The Bellavista district is one of the most beautiful and liveliest of the hotspots for nightlife in Chile. The main strip and the most dynamic area in the district is Calle Pio Nono, although, at times, it can become somewhat tacky.

    Another district of Santiago clubs is where students congregate, the Barrio Brasil, an old part of town filled with early twentieth-century architecture. Here, many tourists, both young and old alike, hang out in this area as it has a relaxed atmosphere.

    As in most places, the bars remain open until 2 am, but clubs are a different story; they will often remain open until after sunrise, usually around seven in the morning.

    Casual dress is the norm in Santiago clubs but remember that the legal age limit for drinking in Chile is eighteen.

    Hope this helps

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