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Discussion in 'Missouri' started by Berlinfg, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Berlinfg

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    if you plan to visit Branson and are landing at Springfield Mo. Airport, be aware that there is no regular shuttle buses from Springfield Mo. Airport to Branson. You either want to hire a car from the airport to get to Branson, or better still try to arrange your flight to land at Branson new airport (airport code is BKG) because the cost of the round trip from Springfield to Branson will make up any difference.
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    If I were you I wouldn't land at Branson new airport and stick to the Springfield/Branson National Airport instead. The reason I say this is because at Branson new airport, Gray Line has the monopoly on all transportation options including cabs and shuttles. This means no hotel shuttles or outside cabs are permitted or allowed to pick-up anyone, which means you have to pay a whopping $25 for a 5 minute ride to town.

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    This is true about Branson's new airport..I beleive there's a local petition to stop GrayLine from having the monopoly on cabs, rentals, etc. On that note, the car rentals at the airport are Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National and Alamo. The airline carriers servicing Branson's new airport are AirTran, Frontier Airlines and Branson AirExpress.
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    BKG only offers direct flights from a few locations including Houston, Denver, Cincinnati, or New Orleans.

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