Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace weekend opening

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos' started by wanderer, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. wanderer

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    The newest hotel at Caesars Palace, the chic and elegant Nobu Hotel, is opening soon. The ribbon cutting is planned for Sat. 2, and the first guests are due to arrive Feb. 4. You might know the name Nobu from the acclaimed restaurants. Chef Nobu Matshuisa joined forces with Robert De Niro on the Nobu Las Vegas hotel.

    I would love to hear from someone who's staying here. We need reports!
  2. tomascarey

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    Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

    A friend of mine who's a journalist was able to do a walking tour of the venue on Sunday and he told me that the Nobu Hotel is an absolute gem of a hotel that will become a hit in Vegas for sure. Apparently, the restaurant seats around 300 people and boasts beautiful marvel floors, pod lounges and cocktail bar areas all lit by slivered paper lights that resemble puffy white clouds. I sure would love to stay there, but Im broke right now(lol).
  3. Incapo

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    I saw pictures and the Nobu Hotel looks tight costing about $30 million! Did you know the actor Robert De Niro is partners with the Nobu guy? Apparently, there's also gonna be a a few more Nobu hotels opening in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), London and Bahrain.
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    Nobu pricing

    Apparently, the Nobu King room rates will be somewhere in the region of $250 and $300 per night but to be honest, at those rates I would much rather stay at the Mandarin Oriental. By the way, anybody knows whether the Nobu hotel will be actually part of Caesars Palace property or not?

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