Nohkalikai Falls in Cherapunji, Meghalaya.

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    Meghalaya is a beautiful hill state in India snuggled in North-East Himalayas which is frequestly visited by honeymooners and nature lovers. The closest train station from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati. To reach Meghalaya from Guwahati, you can hire a cab or take buses. Guwahati Junction is well connected to New Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu & Kashmir and Bangalore.

    The Cherrapunji is the highest rainfall town in the world and the only place in India to have rain all year-round. The Nohkalikai Falls, one of the tallest falls of India is located around 5km from Cherrapunji. The best time to visit this falls is between October and April when the falls are at its most spectacular. Nohkalikai Falls is a must in your itenery when you plan your trip to India. Nohkalikai falls trekking is also available with experienced guides, so pre-book online to get the fabulous trekking and camping experience.

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