Noida: The Urban Centre for the Youth

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    Noida- Dream land for the youth is one of the fastest growing metropolises in Uttar Pradesh. It is the part of the National Capital Region and is the richest urban city in them. Noida in a rapidly growing industrial hub and has many housing projects going on around it making it a hotspot for the youth for the opportunities and housing options.

    Noida is the acronym for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, was created under the UP Industrial Development Act by Sanjay Gandhi. The Noida Authority is among the richest civic bodies in the country. Due to its fast paced development it is attracting more of youth towards it. It has been awarded for the Best City in UP and Best Housing in India. Noida has grown its industries to a large scale over the years and has excellent transportation and well-planned roads. The city is also amongst the greenest in India. Due to its growing demand, the city has many institutes and universities mushrooming in it. There are many IT and manufacturing companies in the city and the numbers are still growing. As this makes a huge rush of business executives in and out of the city and so there are many options of budget hotels in Noida. Also there are options of guest houses in Noida. Not only it has an professional and industrial environment, it has a great metropolitan style living, having the biggest shopping malls in India and a also an amusement park with the best of experiences in store for the people. It also has a huge golfing ground and the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. The city also houses the only International Gran Prix race course of India. The city also has a growing Metro connectivity.

    Noida is a growing urban center and is very well planned. The city is built with modern infrastructure and has planned blocks and industrial centers. The city has developed into a very important urban destination for industrial as well as recreational purposes, making it a dreamland for people especially the youth.

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