Nonstop service to Frankfurt

Discussion in 'Florida' started by SeriusBlaxk, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. SeriusBlaxk

    SeriusBlaxk New Member

    Last Friday, Lufthansa started a new nonstop service between Frankfurt and Tampa, which makes it the 3rd Florida service (the other two are Miami and Orlando). This service will costs around $800 and run 5 days a week in summer and 4 days in winter.
  2. Karmacoma22

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    This will connect Tampa Bay to the rest of the world, as Frankfurt is well connected to South Africa and India. The connections you can make at this hub are incredible. Oh and another great thing, people won't have to fly to a major U.S. airport hub in order to get to other parts of the world. It's a major plus.

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