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    We've been to Napa Valley and this year we were planning a vacation in North Carolina enjoying some wine tours. How different are North Carolina wineries to Napa Valley wineries, and what are the most popular wineries in North Carolina?

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    hi there,

    One thing you'll notice about North Carolina wineries that you won’t usually find in the Napa Valley is wineries that are also restaurants.

    For instance, the Bistro Restaurant at Dublin Winery in Rose Hill is a great example of one such setup. This North Carolina winery serves salads, steaks and burgers alongside the wines they create right onsite.

    This restaurant does have a separate winery with free wine-tasting and I would suggest checking out this North Carolina winery at night for a great dinner.

    Perhaps, one of the most popular wineries in North Carolina is the Biltmore Estate Winery, located in the city of Asheville. This winery also has a restaurant and all of the food served there is grown out back in their own garden.

    hope this helps

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