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Discussion in 'Cyprus' started by Mr.Joe, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Mr.Joe

    Mr.Joe New Member

    Hello, this mid October we 4 friends are planning to travel to Cyprus. We have been already to the southern part for 4 days, but now we are interested to spend around a week in the northern part. Looking for good affordable hotels, especially bed and breakfast kind of place somewhere near the beach & access to good local restaurants. Searching over a week, but couldn't find. So any help on this.
    Any recommendations welcome! Thanks!
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi Joe,

    Northern Cyprus has many cities, town and villages, so can you mention the place in which you need to book B&B's?
  3. Mr.Joe

    Mr.Joe New Member

    I would like to stay at Kyrenia...
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Kyrenia is a beautiful city on the northern coast of Cyprus with great harbour and castle. It has many luxury hotels as well as budget accommodation and B&Bs in the area that you prefer. Nostalgia Court, Manolya Hotel, Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel, Citrus Homes and Hidden Cottage are some of the nice bed and breakfasts & located very near to the beach. North Cyprus is a migratory junction for 1000's of birds, so definitely you will have an unforgettable holiday experience at Kyrenia.
  5. verburg123

    verburg123 New Member

    Kyrenia is absolutely stunning! If you're looking for B&B, I highly recommend Pedieos Guest House or Paradise. But if transportation isn't a problem, you should stay at an small city or local village close to Kyrenia, because Cyprus is beautiful everywhere and the people there are very helpful and sweet from my experience there last year.

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