Norway cruise line fire

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    Two crewman were killed in a fire on the MS Nordlys, a cruise ship on the Hurtigruten line. Cruise passengers were all evacuated, but nine crew members were injured in the Norway cruiseline fire and are being treated at the hospital in Aalesund. The police have said they suspect an accidental explosion in the machine room is the likely cause of the blaze.

    The Nordlys typically travels along the western coast of Norway, between Bergen and Kirkenes, and features views of the fjords, mountains, and islands, as well as the Arctic wildlife; it's one of the most popular routes for cruises in Norway.

    Destination360 extends our deepest sympathies to the friends and family members of those killed and injured. We wish them all the best & a swift recovery to the crew members in the hospital.
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    Norway cruise line fire picture

    Norway cruise line fire picture. Courtesy of: Lav Helge Matvik / Norwegian Coastal Admin. via Reuters

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    Incredible incident that has shaken the usually-solid Scandanavian cruise industry.

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