November events in Louisiana

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by wanderer, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Does anyone know about any big events? I might have the chance to head down then and could visit a big event while I'm there. Anything going on in New Orleans? Anywhere else?
  2. MariaKo

    MariaKo New Member

    there are many events happening in LO throughout the month of November. Some of these are the New Orleans Fringe Festival, the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair (October 25 - November 04), the State Fair of Louisiana (October 25 until November 11), the Louisiana Pecan Festival (November 02 - November 04), the Louisiana Swine Festival (November 02 - November 04).
  3. Bottlelittle

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    fair of the State of Louisiana

    you definitely cannot miss the attending the official fair of the State of Louisiana. It hosts the largest livestock shows of the year and you can do a ton of fun stuff for young and old like fun fair rides, ice cream eating contest, lumberjack shows, duck races, tractor pull, etc.

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