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Discussion in 'New York' started by Jorge R, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Jorge R

    Jorge R New Member

    Planning a visit to NY city with my granddaughters(5,8,10 yrs old) and their parents,during december 2012.Will like to know places, activities,tours appropiate for their ages during my stay.Any recommended hotels?
  2. fcAnnie

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    New York is a very beautiful city which is full of places that can entertain people of every age group. Some of the best places that you should visit specially along with your granddaughters are Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Madison Square Park etc.
  3. Geronimo-Giancila

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    family trip to NYC

    you will love it in nyc...there are loads to do for young and old especially during the holidays such as visiting aquariums, Zoos (i.e. Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, etc) and children's Museums (i.e. CMOM, Brooklyn Children's Museum, etc). Ice Skating is also some else you can do in the City. You can do that at the Pond in Bryant Park and at the Rockefeller Center
  4. iseelop

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    NYC hotels in christmas

    what's your budget and what days you intend to stay? December is a busy time of year and if you haven't booked by now you will find it hard-pressed to find any super deals now. You may be lucky finding a good last minute deal or a hotel booking cancellation. NYC get mobbed with tourists between the last week of november and December 15. If I were you, I'd take a look at priceline and hotwire and see what deals you can find. I've just checked and im seeing 4-star hotel for aroun $150 and 3 stars for $130.

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