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Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by mitraveler, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    So where is there to do in Myrtle Beach besides the obvious? I know you can see a show, go shopping at Broadway at the Beach, hit the beach? But what else? What is cool and a little off the beaten path in Myrtle Beach?
  2. berryberry

    berryberry New Member

    Myrtle Beach is great but the beach isn't really nice and it gets so crowded...if you just head south of Myrtle Beach to Litchfield Beach (just 30 minutes), you'll find a cleaner and more relaxing beach than Myrtle Beach. Also, there are no hotels on the beach but private beach houses and some condos a few blocks away. Best off the beaten path place I can think of.
  3. diro22

    diro22 New Member

    Head to the Cherry Grove fishing pier for a bit of fishing or viewing the stunning Atlantic Ocean. Even if you don't fish, there is a 2-tier viewing deck which provides a magnificent view of the ocean and surrounding area. Btw, the biggest tiger shark ever caught was caught at this pier.
  4. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    If you're willing to drive a little bit out of town, you can see some more cool places, besides the ones already mentioned here. There's a lot to like at Huntington Beach State Park down in Murrels Inlet. You can climb a lighthouse, go swimming, watch for alligators and go camping. It's pretty there.
  5. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    South Carolina is full of history and out of the way places. When I was there, we just took off and traveled the back roads away from the crowds and tourists. Beautiful countryside, tree-lined drives leading to turn of the century homes, small white clapboard churches in the middle of no where, unique marshland, and so much more. If you can, take your own back road sightseeing tour of Myrtle Beach or take a boat tour to see the wildlife and the rice plantations along the river.

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