Okavango Delta

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    One of the most popular attractions in Botswana, the Okavango Delta is a wildlife refuge and a natural preserve. It's located where the river meets the Kalahari Desert, a lush oasis that is worth exploring. Many safari companies visit the Okavango Delta , especially the Moremi Game Reserve.
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    Okavango Delta safari

    I did a safari of the Okavango Delta last year and the delta was my first trip to Africa which exceeded all my expectations I had of African safaris. I got to see multiple leopard sightings, wild dogs, male lions but no rhinos where I went. I also suggest doing the Elephant Experience at Baines Camp (which I did) as you'll get to visit the De Wildt Cheetah Sanctuary northwest of Johannesburg on the return leg.
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    least expensive safari destination

    Okavango Delta is def a nice spot to go when traveling to Africa primarily for the wildlife. There are plenty of safari camps and tour operators offering tours of the delta. I would say though that generally Botswana is the most expensive place in Africa to go for a safari. If you really want to see the big 5 and not spend too much then head to South Africa, which is the least expensive safari destination.
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    Okavango Delta wildlife decline

    I had to opportunity to go on a hunting safari to Okavango and I was sure glad I was able to hunt there because the delta is probably the most beautiful place on earth. It's sad to hear though of the wildlife decline..probably due to all the encroachment, fences, poaching, bush meat, who knows! If any of you plan on hunting or go on a safari there, don't wait, do it now!

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