Oklahoma Mountains

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  1. dundepine2

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    what would you say guys is the best place to explore the Oklahoma outdoors and what can you do?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The Turner Falls area of the Arbuckle Mountains is one of the best places to explore the Oklahoma outdoors.

    Turner Falls Park contains a 77-foot waterfall and the water from this forms a natural swimming area. The park provides an ideal place for exploring the mountains in Oklahoma.

    It is also home to several naturally-formed caves, hiking trails, and areas for picnicking and observing nature.

    Also, geology students from all over the world study the water fall and caves, while families enjoy vacationing in Turner Falls cabins and resorts or staying at one of several campgrounds in the area.
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    I love their foot ball team... Cedar Lake, Robbers Cave, Guthrie, Cordell, tunner falls are the places to go

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