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Discussion in 'Canada' started by deanac24, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. deanac24

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    We use to go here every year when I was a kid till I was a teenager. You can walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of Montreal's famous Parisian-style historic district, filled with cultural landmarks, museums, boutiques, sidewalk cafes and restaurants.
  2. joe

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    Montreal and Quebec City are one of the best ways (and only ways) to experience Europe without having to cross the Atlantic. Before I came to Seattle, Montreal was on a short list of possible living destinations. I'd still love to get out there someday.
  3. jasper

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    I agree, Montreal has so much character and a real european feel that you just can't find in other Canadian cities. Toronto has lost a lot of its' character in the past decade with the relentless development.
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  4. joe

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    Yeah, I've heard many similar things about Toronto as I have about Montreal. A friend of mine lives there and won't shutup about how great it is. For whatever reason I liken it to being the "Portland of Canada." Or perhaps I should refer to Portland as the "Toronto of America." Either way, the weather is probably too brutal for me.
  5. amherstisland

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    Old Montreal and Old Quebec City have an old world/old European feel. The great thing about these two cities is you can go in the winter or the summer. Obviously its cold in the winter, but there is lots to see and do all year round.


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