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    Oman is a small county with a big variety of places to stay. You'll find everything from bed-and-breakfast inns to big, fancy resorts, youth hostels, guesthouses and typical hotels. There's more information about Oman hotels here.
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    many great places to stay in Oman

    I've traveled to Oman several times (twice with family and on business) and all i can say is that it's really an amazing country. It's the type of place that can cater to all because there are loads of options to suit all pockets and tastes...the most popular places to stay in Oman are Chedi, the Shangri-la, Al Bandar, Al Waha. Oh by the way, while in Oman dont miss visiting the the Sultan Qaboos Mosque (im told it boasts the world's largest chandelier).
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    If you are looking for somewhere to stay that isn't too loud I'd suggest both the Grand Hyatt and Crowne Plaza hotels (They also overlook the beautiful Qurm beach). The Intercontinental Muscat is one of the most popular spots to stay in Oman as it offers lots of Western entertainment but it gets kinda rowdy and loud for my liking.
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    6th senses Zighy Bay resort

    6th senses Zighy Bay resort is my top recommendation. The reason I love this place is because of its location in the Musandam Peninsula, which is separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates and overlooking the Hajar Mountains. Unlike many of Oman's hotels, this one has a very traditonal construction and decor, though it still has cool amenities like private pool, butler service and a dive centre where you can hire watersports gear.
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    Yeah! Oman is a beautiful tourist destination where you can enjoy with your family. It's famous for its luxury hotels and resorts. The main attraction of Oman is its empty sandy beaches.

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