Onion Festival in Weimar

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Photofun, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Photofun

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    If you're heading to Germany in early October dont miss passing by the Onion Festival in Weimar. It will be taking place on October 7th to 9th. During this time, the city of Weimar gets filled with the flavor of onions and other produce sold in hundreds of stalls in the main squares of the city. By the way, there'll also be a beer festival taking place in Weimar during this time, which is great...you really gotta love Germany's food festivals;)
  2. Geronimo-Giancila

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    I was there last year when touring Germany during Oktoberfest...this onion festival is more like a market type event. Saying this, it's well worth passing by as these are no ordinary onions you would normally see lumped together in crates but beautifully plaited onions decorated with dried flowers.
  3. melliset

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    Yeah, I am going Germany in the first week of October and I am excited about it. I have only heard of it, but now I will experience it.

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