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Discussion in 'Flights' started by beeargry, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. beeargry

    beeargry New Member

    What are the cheapest airlines services are available between from Chennai to Dubai? Which airlines provides cheapest flight tickets?
  2. guesswhat?

    guesswhat? New Member

    Indigo, Air India, Air Arabia and Emirates all offer non-stop flights from Chennai to Dubai. It's cheaper if you choose a flight with a stopover. In such case, go with either Srilankan, Qatar, Jet, Kuwait or Etihad airlines.
  3. Benston

    Benston New Member

    I think Qatar is your best choice regarding prices and schedule of flights that are going to Dubai every day.
  4. kmjamal

    kmjamal New Member

    Try Emirates if you are not going cheap but if you are looking for cheap travel then flydubai would be your best choice!
  5. Vikramkhanna

    Vikramkhanna New Member

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