onward ticket requirement for entering the Philippines

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by fassoPP, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. fassoPP

    fassoPP New Member

    Unlike other South East Asian countries, when traveling to the Philippines you will need to provide evidence of an onward ticket whether you have a visa or plan to enter on the 21 day visa waiver. My advise is to print out a copy of this before you fly or they will not let you in unless you can produce a print out of the ticket.
  2. getinAMrr

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    This is pretty much standard in most places. It is mostly problematic for backpackers who are not sure how long they need to fully explore the country. Saying this, this requirement is surely new because Philippine immigration officials never really asked before for an onward flight ticket.
  3. fassoPP

    fassoPP New Member

    I do wonder why require an onward ticket when an onward ticket is by no means a guarantee that a tourist will leave the country. Furthermore, there is much revenue to be earned by tourists extending their stay. Can't really figure the motive behind requiring this now when arriving to the Philippines.

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