opening of Berlin’s new airport

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Zpacd, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Zpacd

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    anyone has any ideas what's happening with the opening of Berlin’s new airport? I reading conflicting information..some sources say that's opened and other say that it's not. This is so annoying because I was looking to be one of the first passengers to fly to the new airport..
  2. ezzexgal

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    No new opening date has been set

    The opening of Berlin’s new airport has been postponed again for a 3rd time and they excuse is some issue with the fire-prevention system, blah, blah. The airport should've been opened 2 years ago in November 2011, but they pushed it back to June 2012 and recently to October 2013, which, of course isn't happening. Either way, it's very strange for German construction to be delayed like this...
  3. bruseforsith

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    Opening of Berlin Airport Delayed Again

    For a country like Germany that prides itself on efficiency, engineering and punctuality, the delay of opening Berlin's new airport is becoming a national joke right now. When you have countries like China who can build the longest sea bridge in the world and do it in about 5 years (from conception to finish) what's wrong with Germany taking so many years (6 years now) to open a measly airport?
  4. RomanFeduri

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    Berlin Airport to Finally Open Next October

    Rumor has it that Berlin's new airport is likely opening in October this year after embarrassing setbacks. I cannot believe the airport was meant to open on November of 2011, and then, city officials pulled the plug. Hope the won't pull the plug again!

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