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    Check out Optifly, the newest flight planning tool. It's great for experienced travelers and those looking for cheap international flights. They return all of the low cost carriers that the big name booking sites do not (Southwest, RyanAir, AirAsia) and they even allow you to check against Expedia prices.

    Instead of wasting time paging through other travel sites searching for the right flight with the right price, Optifly immediately shows you all route possibilities and all carriers that fly each specific leg of a route. Having this insight allows you to purchase low cost carrier tickets when available, and to use other methods (lower prices booking sites like Priceline/Orbitz/Expedia) for the rest.

    The best part of Optifly is their visualization, which maps your routes in Google maps so you can SEE where you're going. It's great for picking the most direct flight options and ruling out out-of-the-way connection locations.

    They even have info for every connection city in the world, including weather data & links to passport info & travel guides!!!

    Go to Optifly.com to see for yourself!

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